Blistonia State

Legend has it that the continent of Blistonia, ruled for the longest time by the race of Dragonkin, has had every border explored, every mountain scaled, and every cavern lit at one stage or another in its long history. The well protected borders of Blistonia State do not encompass all of her coastline or her ranges however – the state covers less than half of the rolling continent, with its westernmost border carved into the land by a deep and fast running river. With a forested coast to the north, and the river forking as it breaks upon the mountains to the south, the great river continues to mark Blistonia State’s border to the south. Here the river runs slower, and is encrusted with ice in the colder months. The expanse of Blistonia is said to equal that of the eastern realm of the Great Continent.

No news has come from Blistonia in many scores of years – perhaps even since the Great War.


        Blistonia (city) (Capital)

Blistonia State

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