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  • Welcome to your campaign!

    The date is 1703 Ms, and two hundred years have passed since the Great War that shook the whole continent. Fragile alliances have since either faded into cold indifference, or borders have receded as nations crippled by the war rebuilt.

  • News of Hope

    The year is 1703 MS, and the war-ravaged lands of the Grunite Kingdom have still not recovered from the invasion that laid it low close to 200 years ago. However perhaps for the first time there is a sign of hope - in the farther reaches of the land …

  • The Journey

    For some of you it's a crier. For others it's a heated, excited conversation overheard or involved with in the local tavern. Some have seen bulletins, posters, news articles or heard songs - there's something happening in Jamestown, Grunite …

  • The Song

    For the last living memory, soldiers have been few, crime has been rife, crops have been stunted, and what was left of governments corrupt. Stories handed down from Generation to Generation tell of how bad it was after the Great War. Nearly all …

  • The Festival

    The town bell rings, letting all within earshot know that the Festival is beginning in earnest. The ringing carries across the calm surface of the river and up into the hills - stragglers still making the last few miles of the trek to Jamestown quicken …

  • Preparing for the Journey

    The party returned to Jamestown and met up with the Wizard as night fell; Harell dispells the illusion and the shoppe becomes a large study and abode - obviously the Wizards.

    The study  has a large 4 poster bed, and in it is the …

  • The First Quest

    [[:harell-coben | The Wizard]] needs to trust them, and for them to trust him so sends them on a mission to collect a chest with things from nearby countryside.

    Once complete, the party returns to the shop, and the Wisp of the Wizard remains. …

  • The Introduction

    All the heroes find themselves in Jamestown during the Festival. There’s a big fight in Jamestown, the dead are raised from the graveyard

    After the battle, more skeletons press through the throng, and some of the slain townsfolk and …

  • Plot Summary

    "The story so far... to be updated by players, hopefully, because I've got my story so far!" -- Joel the DM.


  • Helena Maidstone

    She is the 13 year old human girl taken from [[Jamestown]] to [[Avandras Mists]] in the early quest line. Her family were all tragically killed in the fighting that broke out at the Harvest Festival when the graveyard was raised of its dead.

  • Harell Coben

    Harell is one of the ancient sages that are trying to revive the land. Harell meets the Party at the slaughter of the Jamestown Harvest Festival and recruits them on the spot to assist with his scheme to right the world.

  • Ragus Mormond

    Born Just after the Great War and raised and trained as a Paladin in a Temple of Helm near the small, very remote, mining town of Edinborn. Has traveled many placed in the last 100 or so years, never staying in the same place for more than a few months …