Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Preparing for the Journey

A whole bunch of attics and grain

The party returned to Jamestown and met up with the Wizard as night fell; Harell dispells the illusion and the shoppe becomes a large study and abode – obviously the Wizards.

The study  has a large 4 poster bed, and in it is the sleeping figure of Helena Maidstone – introduced by Harell to the party.

The wizard shares Helena's story of plight, and that she's been asleep here for several days in an effort to help her recover from the trauma of seeing her family murdered by undead invaders (technically yesterday).

Harell asks them to take her to Avandra's Mists – that he can't travel with her by magical means, and that he would be too recognisable travelling with her on the road. She has family there with whom she will be safe, under the protection of the universities.

Ekemon secures travel to Madron-don via a wagon train, employed as guards. They make the first leg of the journey without affair, spending the night at a homestead tavern a days' travel inland from Jamestown.

The merchant and driver introduce themselves as Malcolm Cornwall and his driver Jayne. Malcolm has been trading the west side of the great continent for a good many years, and has had his share of close calls, but generally the road between Madron-don and the coastal cities is safe.


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