Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Horror strikes at Madron-don

Kobaine and Ekemon in the north of Madron-don

Ragus and Helena rested for the hour and then set out for the road to the North East, leaving a message bound for the Olive Branch, Stout, and The Golden Chest.

Maritza waited all night at the regroup point and when no-one showed she set out to find the others. Skipping the Olive Branch, she traveled to the Golden Chest and didn't find Ekemon. She then traveled to Stout, looking for Kobain, and the terrified reception asked her to investigate a room in liue of some missing guards.

Maritza finds the ruined body – still alive, barely – of Kobaine, who then begins to tell her what unfolded.

Kobaine and Ekemon had made their way to Stout and picked up Kobaine's things – when Ekemon spied a creature slithering along the roof. They followed it to a large building, locked up tight, but found their way in the back. 

The body of a servant lay dead against the door – pierced with many talons or claws or perhaps strange daggers. Kobaine and Ekemon went through the building – a museum or gallery of some sort – and followed the blood trail up to the roof – where they discovered what had happened – some creature had broken in and accosted the only patron (the keeper, now dead). The creature must have been the one Ekemon had seen.

Just as they had figured this out, a creature on the other side of the door growls at them – the sheer terrifying sound indicating both it's other worldliness and it's size. It bursts through the door and chases them down. Ekemon uses powerful fire magic to fend it off, but the creature is barely harmed, while Kobaine breaks a window so they can climb down from the second floor. Ekemon then leaves down the Ivy vine with Kobaine in tow.

The creature pursues, and pulls up the vine, attacking Kobaine. Both Kobaine and Ekemon drop from the vine and run – Kobain stopping to shoot an arrow which flies true – only the angering the creature. It leapt from the building and slashed and bit Kobaine to pieces after a short fight. Ekemon fought for a time, casting every spell in his book, before fleeing when Kobaine fell.

By some miracle Kobaine comes to, and escapes the clutches of the creature, and sprints through the city ducking from street to street, eventually losing the creature in an abandoned market, waiting out until dawn, to be found by Maritza.


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