Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Den of Goblins - Part 1

one days travel west of Madron-don

Maritza lead the party around the large dwarven redoubt and found an alternative entrance to the main gate and sally port they could see from the front. They coordinated an attack with Benjamin's mercenaries to assault the building from both sides.

Creeping through the darkness, Maritza and Ragus kill a pair of goblins at close quarters. Maritza then kicks down a door to surprise a goblin and a bugbear, cutting them down before they can do any harm or cry out in alarm.

Listening against the next door, Maritza triggers a trap, and is violently ill from some rotten poison. Kobain tries to open the door but is unsuccessful in doing so without getting a jab from a poisonous spine himself.

The party rush on through the building, and approach the sounds of combat. Kobain finishes off a bugbear, Emekon and Maritza killing a goblin each. They find the hallway covered in bodies and blood – and two of Benjamins mercenaries holed up in a room. They all head outside – Ekemon tending to the wounded mercenary soldier. Tracks leading away from the redoubt suggest two humans fled – the other soldiers bodies all accounted for in the hallway.

The party rest and recuperate, preparing to delve back into the dark den of monsters…


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