Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

The Village Slaughter

1 days travel west of Madron-don

The party wake up with the dawn and set off towards Madron-don. An hour into their journey they come across a group of 5 slain guards and 6 dead goblins. They ascertain that more goblins left the attack, and headed east.

The group track them, and catch the goblins off guard while they sleep. Slaughtering 10 of them they them move on to the next village.

At the village, they see some Mercenary guards and a merchant who is looking for his brother amongst the dead. The Village is full of dead townspeople – women, children and men of all ages, as well as some dwarves, lay upon the road as the Merchant guards bring them out of buildings and line them up to put to rest. The whole town's blood stains the walls and floors of the 5 buildings in the Village.

Maritza and Ekemon conclude that the Village was raided by goblins, after a small diversionary force had lured the towns guards away. This didn't sit well with a normal strategy of Goblins, and the party have headed north – following the trail of the raiding party to investigate. 

They come across the den of the Goblins – an old Dwarven fortress in the plains of the Grunite kingdom – long abandoned and overgrown. Skulls and bones and the reek of Goblins and wolves fill the air as the party – accompanied with the Nobel Merchant Benjamin's guards and Benjamin himself – prepare to invade the den and cleanse the Goblins.


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