Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

The Song

Chronicle of the Great Continent

For the last living memory, soldiers have been few, crime has been rife, crops have been stunted, and what was left of governments corrupt. Stories handed down from Generation to Generation tell of how bad it was after the Great War. Nearly all Libraries, Schools, Universities and Private Collections were laid to waste and much history and learning – that which was not preserved in song – was lost.

The survivors of the short but devastating conflict had to put out fires, salvage farmland and livestock, and begin the slow process of rebuilding nations. What stories they had to share, they shared with music and poems, chanted by the firelight to keep the creeping darkness at bay.

Once such song, that is told more or less the same in all corners of The Great Continent is known to pretty much everyone though by different names, and any bard worth their salt can easily recite it:


Kings and Lords leaned forward from their High Thrones

Tremored as they watched with greed

Soldiers their borders expand, betrayed

Century alliances unmade


Wilful though destruction t'was

Whispered in ears the evil came

From up on high the

Teeth of the World o'ershadowed in pain


As men cried their last

The clash of steel and beast and fire

From up on high the

Teeth of the World our heroes went fast


The Darkness had reached a peak

Surely all we would know defeat

And the long embrace of black night

At the Teeth of the World our heroes still did fight


All at once there was a call

Untellable terrible horrible thrall

From up on high at the Teeth of the World

Our Heroes stood tall


Though the darkness in the skies have faded

And merriment may be known once more

Remember true the time they gave us

From up on High, Teeth of the World

Those who fought for us all.


JoelMcLean JoelMcLean

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