Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

The Mysterious ways of Wizards

Jamestown - the next day

The party found themselves led to an old shoppe. The wisp entered , and they followed. Ekemon was some 100 ft behind, and watched from around the corner as the three others carefully crept into the building. No one was on the street but a handful of guards.

Inside, the wisp sunk into the floor, writing a message 'protect something dear to me' before disappearing. The shoppe was a dusty, unkempt clothing and apparel store, with a collapsed room at the back, with burnt out timbers.

Ekemon approached, and after a brief confusion about who he was (and whether or not he was a friend) he came in, studied the words, then said them aloud. Ekemon had done some investigation, and recognised much of the shoppe was an illusion.

The shoppe, previously dusty and unkempt, had part of its illusion lifted, the dust clearing away. The words on the ground changed to "Keep watch". The party soon realised that there was more illusion and protection to this room. Outside, time was passing at a great rate. They decided to wait out the rest of the day, watching over the room.

Come nightfall the Wizard, who identified himself as Harrell, sent a vision to them. He told them that in order for him to trust them , and for them to trust him better, he would send them on a brief mission to collect something for him.

He provided an instruction on the location of a cave to the south east of Jamestown. They were to go there and collect a chest. The wizard would aim to return by nightfall the next day, and meet with them.

The party set out an hour after first light, and trekked for hours in the sun, following Maritza's canny sense of direction. They came upon a burnt out wagon, and 4 corpses. The defiled corpses had had their skeletons removed. 

The party buried them and moved on. Less than an hour later they were attacked by some skeletons and a zombie, and Kobain was nearly bested. He was luckily healed by Ragus.

The party knew that the assumed caster was wounded nearby. They tried to take him Prisoner but he awoke and tries to curse them, so Maritza and Ragus killed him. On his person was a map of the cave they sought , albeit a terrible one, and a used scroll which Ekemon recognised as Mass Raise Dead. 

They pressed on into the cave where they happened upon a sleeping Bear. Maritza's swords cut deeply into it as it slept, and Ekemon finished it off with a ray of sickness. 

In the cave they found the treasure chest they sought. Now they need to try to return it.


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