Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

News of Hope

Chronicle of the Great Continent

The year is 1703 MS, and the war-ravaged lands of the Grunite Kingdom have still not recovered from the invasion that laid it low close to 200 years ago. However perhaps for the first time there is a sign of hope – in the farther reaches of the land the coastal city of Jamestown is reviving its inaugural harvest festival, not run since before the Great War.

Word has spread quickly, and travellers from all over the country and indeed all over the continent have gathered in great numbers, heading all for Jamestown to support the city's revival of the old traditions, and unite in the hope that the people can all begin to feel the effects of recovery after the long generations spent rebuilding and restoring the land.

Each of you have come from your own place, drawn to Jamestown and the prosperity that it brings – some of you with trading caravans, entertainers, farmers, fishers, or nobles. You may know a few others making the pilgrimage to Jamestown, and you may not. One thing is certain – the dark cloud that has clung to The Great Continent for the last 200 years feels as if, for the first time, it might be lifting.


JoelMcLean JoelMcLean

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