Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Contact! The Living Dead

Jamestown - Festival day

The events unfolded thusly;

  • The players were at the Festival, when it was attacked by a large group of skeletons
  • All armed guards and some armed civilians went to fight the incursion – some of the players too.
  • Chris' Dwarf Ragus charged into battle with  the skeletons, killing two but also getting very injured
  • Bec's Elf Maritza gained a vantage point on a ledge and fired into the fray from afar, killing 1 skeleton
  • Dart's Half Elf Kobaine ran to the melee and cast Thunderwave, killing 3 of the 4 remaining skeletons
  • Nathan's Tiefling Ekemon watched from a hiding spot, surveying the scene, trying to make sense of the madness as it unfolded.

After the skeletons were slain, immediately more sprung into their place from further in the alley. Before the rag-tag militia of civilians and guards were overrun, a white wispy aparition came to the rescue, casting a wall of bale-fire on the skeletons – driving them back to oblivion.

The aparition took the shape of a wizard who did not introduce himself – instead addressing Kobaine. He asked Kobaine to follow his wisp, as he had a very important task – to track down the necromancer who had summoned these terrors. However he could not leave "something precious to him" undefended and put the task to Kobaine. The wizard looked plainly at the heroes each in turn, all in the square, then back to Kobaine before leaving.

His wisp slowly started up the street, a sweet melodious sound faintly jingling from it's glimmering light. Kobaine asked the brave dwarf Ragus to join him – and the elf ranger Maritza came too. Behind them, just out of sight, the wizard Ekemon followed as well as he could.

The party was awarded 65 XP Each.


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