Madron-don, the war-torn capital of the Grunite Kingdom.

Once the second largest city on the great continent by population and by sprawl, Madron-don is a shadow of it's former self. Half the keep lies in ruins, torn down by giants or wizards or dragons – the stories aren't clear. The stones that formed the ancient dwarven city haven't moved from where the war left them – no mason yet great enough or worth enough in the king's eyes to commit to repairing the keep.

Elsewhere in the city, life goes on. There's trade and progress and politics and an army. Always are the forefront of the political and military leadership here is protection of the border; 200 years has gone by but the memory of how the peace treaty with the Tabrizians was broken in the night and Grunites engaged in a brutal and bloody war that tore both great states apart.

From the perspective of an outsider, the Grunite capital holds little mirth and joy, and no time spent here is time no time wasted. The patrons of Madron-don are sullen and reserved; the city relies mostly on it's neighbors for food, it's far mines for resources, and it's border towns for soldiers. The only thing produced here is the policy of the King's court, and the justice that is deals out in no short order.

There has been a king ruling Madron-don for the last eleven years, after a series of very short rulings by unfit monarchs. It's common knowledge that many of the current kings predecessors were overthrown by the people, assassinated, poisoned, or killed themselves, to lead to this current king. His Majesty Gerald Vikas Luca the First is rarely seen to leave what remains of the keep, and his reign has been one of relative peace for the people of Madron-don.

Much of the city is run by various criminal factions; all thieves, slavers, murderers, or frauds. There is little gang violence between the factions, as long as certain boundaries are respected. The town guard, lead by Daniel Custler tries much in vain to stamp out the uncontrolled criminal mayhem.


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