Tag: relic


  • The God Spear

    The prime God Spear, this is a javelin said to kill evil itself. A magical and precise, vicious weapon it can be used in combat as a halberd or thrown with the perfect balance of a javelin.

  • Gladiator Shield

    Armor, Very Rare (requires attunement, shield). A fine instrument of war, that has seen many arena battles, served both victors and losers, and seen even more handlers.

  • Glamoured Studded Leather

    Armor, Rare (studded leather). This set of studded leather armour was once the envy of kings and courtiers - the wearer always the most fashionable and the hardest to kill at any gala.

  • Bead of Force

    Wondrous Item, Rare

    This small black sphere measures 3/4 of an inch in diameter and weighs an ounce. Mysterious as they are in origin, so they are in application.