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  • Blistonia (city)

    Capital City

    Once believed to be the only city in the world by its complacent keepers, the Dragonkin, it lay on the easternmost coastline of the Blistonian continent. It was a mighty city, and bards still sing songs of her great walls, …

  • Metropolis

    Metropolis is the largest city on The Great Continent. The people here are a hardworking people but not always by choice – many slavers, their families and their slaves, and fisher-folk dwell here. This expanse is not only for the poor and their …

  • Avandras Mists

    Ruined by the [[Great War]], the Mists no longer are cut into the wall of a great cavern protected by a waterfall - instead they sit atop the ruined city, around the cliffs looking down upon the grey ruin that was once the north's greatest city.