Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Meet Hank
The tavern "Olive Branch" in Avandra's Mists.

While Ekemon and Maritza are talking to Helena about her new identity (Jane Ruble – apprentice huntress) Kobaine enters the tavern and sees on old war buddy.

After sharing a few drinks, Hank agrees to help the party out with investigation in to what happened at the University with Oscar Maidestone.

Discussion in the University Jail House
The first morning in Avandra's Mist

After the arrest at Maude's apartment, the party were marched off to a drunk-tank cell. 

While they waited, they discussed a cover story for Helena, who instead would have an Alias of Jane Ruble, an apprentice hunter.

About 30 minutes pass before a Magistrate (Gareth) appears and begins to have conversations with the members of the party individually.

He speaks to each of them, to try and bring the truth about how they came to be at Maude Maidstone's presence.

Each of them in turn gave the story of how they had come to Avandra's Mists to deliver news to Mrs Maidstone about a recent death in her family.

Seemingly satisfied with the answers, the Magistrate asks them to check in at the courthouse in the coming days to attend the hearing of Mrs Maidstone.

The party walks to a nearby tavern and gets two rooms together, and they begin to plan how they'll spend their days in Avandra's Mists.

Avandra's Mists At Last
In the Sage's College

The party travel from Edinbourne with the Captain of the 'Heir of Seafoam' and they make the journey to the sea and up to Avandra's Mists in just shy of three days.

On the journey, Ekemon and Maritza are sea sick, and despite this Maritza tries unsuccessfully to teach Helena the panflute. Kobaine makes an idiot of himself by trying to show her up, but jams his lips on the flute.

They arrive at the Mist's waterfall and go to the courthouse to find Helena's remaining family.

After exploring the first location, and meeting with a young Professor Maidstone, they travel to the Sage's College and meet with a woman, Maude Maidstone, who recognises Helena, invites them into her apartment.

Ekemon feels that something is up, and asks for proof that Maude knows Aubrey. She produces an old letter, and Ekemon reads it – but believes that something is still amiss. Questioning Maude, the party discovers that Maude's children and husband are not around – and that the previously unforetold security at the college is due to an experiment or spell that went awry and ended up killing her children. Ekemon suspects the perpetrator was her husband who she confirmed was under federal arrest for Treason.

While the party is about to leave a knock at the door draws Maude away from them, and a soldier demands they all leave – and that they are under arrest.

The Banshee Encounter
The haunted house at Edinbourne

The freshly reunited party go down to the docks to investigate the disturbance on the docks, and discover that it's two quarreling parties – from two different trading vessels. A merchant group of dwarves in front of a riverbed longboat, fighting with a group of Elven traders on a larger seafaring vessel.

Maritza and Kobaine talk the first mate of the elves down from starting a fist-fight, and board their ship and begin to tell him about the thing they saw earlier in the day.

Meanwhile Rajis spoke with the dwarves to see what they knew.

They all shared the same story – that no-one saw anything, but a flash of light near the loch. The scout of the Elven ship saw two dwarves around the same time his captain disappeared, and therefore drew the conclusion that the dwarves had taken the captain.

Maritza shared what they knew, and suspected that the captain was infact the prisoner of the ghostly creature they fought in the abandoned outskirts of town.

The elven sailors ventured out ahead of the party, raring for a fight to rescue their captain. The party, with Helena in tow, followed but were not able to keep up due to Rajis' exhausted state.

As they approached the building they heard the creature's wail, and feared the worst.

Coming up to the front door, they saw the body of a fallen Elven sailor get dragged into the house, which the creature – now horribly deformed and scarred – was arranging in some kind of sick marionette/mannequin arrangement.

Maritza rushed in to fight, and stabbed at it with a dagger enchanted with thorns. The creature struck back, dealing a critical blow to Maritza. Rajis, exhausted though he was, run in and pummeled the creature which he recognized as a Banshee with his Maul – channeling his divine energies. Maritza finished it off with a keen shot from her bow.

The party managed to resuscitate 4 of the 8 Elves and the ice around the 9th Elf melted in the room – and Rajis and Kobaine recognised the Elf – not only as the Captain of the vessel for whom they searched, but as the Elf who had approached them at the Stut in Madron-don.

The survivors venture outside into the light of the sun.

Reunited at last
Midday at Edinbourne

Ekemon, Kobaine and Maritza awake to find that in the night someone (or some thing) has frozen the loch at the exit to the harbor. Ekemon tries to discern the nature of the ice, but can only find that it's not of naturally formed.

They cast about and after asking in the taverns for anything suspicious they head to the outskirts of town searching for something out of place. They stumble across an abandoned cottage which had the front door left open. Upon venturing in they found a casket of ice, encasing a humanoid.

Ekemon cast a spell to sense a creature's thoughts within the ice, and immediately got the sense of intense hatred vengeance directed at Maritza. He immediately casts attacking spells at the ice, and after a few moments of combat a ethereal creature emerged from the casket – leaving the shape of a body entombed within.

The spirit creature unleashed a terrible wail, and Kobaine and Maritza collapsed. Ekemon remained standing, and the creature turned to him and said in a terrible, saddened twisted Elvish "I just want to be with my lover!" and she returned to the casket with the other creature in the ice.

Ekemon waited with his comrades until they awoke and then left, headed back to town. Meanwhile they reached the bridge in town headed to the Tavern to rest and ran into Rajis and Helena who had caught a wagon back into town. 

As they caught up after seeing each other for the first time in a week, a commotion breaks out on the harbor dockside below…

The Long Road North
Travelling on the Highway between Madron-don and Edinbourne

The group traveled north, making it's way separately to Edinbourne. Maritza and Kobaine linked up with Ekemon in Edinbourne, and they leave a message for Rajis hoping he'll come by this way.

Ragus, a few days travel south, tried to make it through the night to catch up to Edinbourne, but collapsed on the edge of the forest a few miles from Edinbourne.

The party will be leaving via boat to Bordertown in the morning.

Horror strikes at Madron-don
Kobaine and Ekemon in the north of Madron-don

Ragus and Helena rested for the hour and then set out for the road to the North East, leaving a message bound for the Olive Branch, Stout, and The Golden Chest.

Maritza waited all night at the regroup point and when no-one showed she set out to find the others. Skipping the Olive Branch, she traveled to the Golden Chest and didn't find Ekemon. She then traveled to Stout, looking for Kobain, and the terrified reception asked her to investigate a room in liue of some missing guards.

Maritza finds the ruined body – still alive, barely – of Kobaine, who then begins to tell her what unfolded.

Kobaine and Ekemon had made their way to Stout and picked up Kobaine's things – when Ekemon spied a creature slithering along the roof. They followed it to a large building, locked up tight, but found their way in the back. 

The body of a servant lay dead against the door – pierced with many talons or claws or perhaps strange daggers. Kobaine and Ekemon went through the building – a museum or gallery of some sort – and followed the blood trail up to the roof – where they discovered what had happened – some creature had broken in and accosted the only patron (the keeper, now dead). The creature must have been the one Ekemon had seen.

Just as they had figured this out, a creature on the other side of the door growls at them – the sheer terrifying sound indicating both it's other worldliness and it's size. It bursts through the door and chases them down. Ekemon uses powerful fire magic to fend it off, but the creature is barely harmed, while Kobaine breaks a window so they can climb down from the second floor. Ekemon then leaves down the Ivy vine with Kobaine in tow.

The creature pursues, and pulls up the vine, attacking Kobaine. Both Kobaine and Ekemon drop from the vine and run – Kobain stopping to shoot an arrow which flies true – only the angering the creature. It leapt from the building and slashed and bit Kobaine to pieces after a short fight. Ekemon fought for a time, casting every spell in his book, before fleeing when Kobaine fell.

By some miracle Kobaine comes to, and escapes the clutches of the creature, and sprints through the city ducking from street to street, eventually losing the creature in an abandoned market, waiting out until dawn, to be found by Maritza.

Split Night in Madron-don
Midnight of the bloody curfew

Maritza headed to the olive branch and picked up her things, and snuck away to the south gate after dispatching three guards.

Ekemon and Kobaine headed north, and talked their way past the guards to get to the Golden Chest. There they spoke with the Mercenary guards, and found out that there's something behind the curfew this night – that rumors of strange happenings drive the city to lock up at night, and many unexplained deaths to occur.

Ragus and Helena attempted to cross to the north side of the river, but were not able to talk their way past the guards, so Ragus had to fight. They barely escaped with their lives, and hid out in a cellar in the north of town.

Dusk at Madron-don

Ekemon investigated the scene where they defeated the scarecrow and discovered that it was built for one purpose – to spy on them.

Ekemon, Maritza, and Kobain were accosted by a group of guards, and after a brief melee they captured the guard leader and interrogated him. Kobain later "accidentally" suffocated him.

Meanwhile, Ragus attempted to flee to the temple of Tempus, but was interrupted by a group of guards and turned away. He and Helena are currently hidden in a harbour tower, trying to get past a guard patrol.

Unbeknownst to Ragus, his party members are just a few houses down, arguing over what they will do with the body of the guard Kobain just killed.

The Not-So-Secret-Meeting
Evening, at the Olive Branch

The party go about their errands for the day, Kobain and Maritza, accosted by guards for not having busking licenses, eventually group up to begin to divulge the story of the mysterious elf who found Kobaine and Ragus in "Stout" the northern dwarves club.

They are deciding what to do about it, when they realise they're not alone. 

A creature stood at the doorway, listening to their conversation. They chase it down, running across rooftops to eventually destroy it at the south-eastern most wall. The creature is scattered to the wind, parts of it falling to the road below.


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