Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Dusk at Madron-don

Ekemon investigated the scene where they defeated the scarecrow and discovered that it was built for one purpose – to spy on them.

Ekemon, Maritza, and Kobain were accosted by a group of guards, and after a brief melee they captured the guard leader and interrogated him. Kobain later "accidentally" suffocated him.

Meanwhile, Ragus attempted to flee to the temple of Tempus, but was interrupted by a group of guards and turned away. He and Helena are currently hidden in a harbour tower, trying to get past a guard patrol.

Unbeknownst to Ragus, his party members are just a few houses down, arguing over what they will do with the body of the guard Kobain just killed.

The Not-So-Secret-Meeting
Evening, at the Olive Branch

The party go about their errands for the day, Kobain and Maritza, accosted by guards for not having busking licenses, eventually group up to begin to divulge the story of the mysterious elf who found Kobaine and Ragus in "Stout" the northern dwarves club.

They are deciding what to do about it, when they realise they're not alone. 

A creature stood at the doorway, listening to their conversation. They chase it down, running across rooftops to eventually destroy it at the south-eastern most wall. The creature is scattered to the wind, parts of it falling to the road below.

The first nights in Madron-don
Helena goes missing

The party, blinded by being back in a big city, split up to go about their errands; Rajis to visit a smith to repair his weapons and armor, Ekemon to study up on the sage Harrell, Maritza to capture herself a companion, and Kobaine to earn some coin at a tavern.

Their errands went well, but when they all settled down for the evening, no-one had laid eyes on Helena – moreover, none of them were staying in the same tavern, and were not aware that Helena was nowhere to be seen.

The next day Maritza went out to hunt for the whole day; catching some game to sell at market. Ekemon returned to a library where books were being burnt, recovering them with some trickery. Kobaine went out to buy some things and ran into Rajis. 

When they settled down to drink and talk, a stranger approached them – an Elf. He claimed to know of a shortcut that could get them closer to where they needed to be in a much shorter time than trekking overland; it would only be a little less perilous than scaling the mountains of the White Wall. When the stranger asked if Helena was with them, Ragus and Kobaine realised they had a problem.

They returned to the tavern where Malcolm and Jayne were staying at and asked if they had seen Helena – they had not. Whilst wondering what to do, Ekemon walked in, and the three of them set out to find out where she had been, starting with the Market.

After some investigation, they ascertained that she had been nabbed by a street gang near the wharfs – Morts gang. The three adventurers went down there and "negotiated" Helena's freedom through force. Freeing four other prisoners, they escaped over rooftops and found their way back to the Olive Branch where most of everyone is staying and settled down for the night.

The Den of Goblins - Part 3
One days' travel west of Madron-don

The party ventured back into the dark and encountered traps and some slime.

Ragus took some weapon and armour damage.

Ekemon stayed behind and searched, and shared some things he found with the party.

They traveled the rest of the way to Madron-don with Jayne and Malcolm. (After getting paid by Benjamin for cleansing the den of goblins, even if they didn't find out who was behind it).

Malcolm offered to take them to his next destination – Perwo Jima – which is where they leave for in a week. 

Den of Goblins - Part 2
one days travel west of Madron-don

The surviving mercenaries headed back in the direction of the village, and the party ventured back into the dark , and immediately noticed the bodies had been removed from the front hallway, and a hasty barricade effected – but was unmanned. 

They explored some more rooms and corridors, only finding booby traps laid for unsuspecting adventurers. Ragus was struck by an arrow, and Maritza's reflexes did not save her from a magic bolt.

They found the wolves den, and in a twisting labyrinth of corridors at the heart of the building they found the forge fire and a host of goblins and wolves. 

The goblins began to speak, but Maritza's fired a shot. The entrance to the room was closed as a portcullis fell, locking the party in, and the goblins fought hard, taking Maritza down and nearly bringing Kobain down also. Eventually the magics of Ekemon and the might of Ragus wore the remaining foes down.

Trapped in the room, they expended the volatile potion if Fire on the portcullis to escape. Once again outside, the party catches it's breath. 


Den of Goblins - Part 1
one days travel west of Madron-don

Maritza lead the party around the large dwarven redoubt and found an alternative entrance to the main gate and sally port they could see from the front. They coordinated an attack with Benjamin's mercenaries to assault the building from both sides.

Creeping through the darkness, Maritza and Ragus kill a pair of goblins at close quarters. Maritza then kicks down a door to surprise a goblin and a bugbear, cutting them down before they can do any harm or cry out in alarm.

Listening against the next door, Maritza triggers a trap, and is violently ill from some rotten poison. Kobain tries to open the door but is unsuccessful in doing so without getting a jab from a poisonous spine himself.

The party rush on through the building, and approach the sounds of combat. Kobain finishes off a bugbear, Emekon and Maritza killing a goblin each. They find the hallway covered in bodies and blood – and two of Benjamins mercenaries holed up in a room. They all head outside – Ekemon tending to the wounded mercenary soldier. Tracks leading away from the redoubt suggest two humans fled – the other soldiers bodies all accounted for in the hallway.

The party rest and recuperate, preparing to delve back into the dark den of monsters…

The Village Slaughter
1 days travel west of Madron-don

The party wake up with the dawn and set off towards Madron-don. An hour into their journey they come across a group of 5 slain guards and 6 dead goblins. They ascertain that more goblins left the attack, and headed east.

The group track them, and catch the goblins off guard while they sleep. Slaughtering 10 of them they them move on to the next village.

At the village, they see some Mercenary guards and a merchant who is looking for his brother amongst the dead. The Village is full of dead townspeople – women, children and men of all ages, as well as some dwarves, lay upon the road as the Merchant guards bring them out of buildings and line them up to put to rest. The whole town's blood stains the walls and floors of the 5 buildings in the Village.

Maritza and Ekemon conclude that the Village was raided by goblins, after a small diversionary force had lured the towns guards away. This didn't sit well with a normal strategy of Goblins, and the party have headed north – following the trail of the raiding party to investigate. 

They come across the den of the Goblins – an old Dwarven fortress in the plains of the Grunite kingdom – long abandoned and overgrown. Skulls and bones and the reek of Goblins and wolves fill the air as the party – accompanied with the Nobel Merchant Benjamin's guards and Benjamin himself – prepare to invade the den and cleanse the Goblins.

Preparing for the Journey
A whole bunch of attics and grain

The party returned to Jamestown and met up with the Wizard as night fell; Harell dispells the illusion and the shoppe becomes a large study and abode – obviously the Wizards.

The study  has a large 4 poster bed, and in it is the sleeping figure of Helena Maidstone – introduced by Harell to the party.

The wizard shares Helena's story of plight, and that she's been asleep here for several days in an effort to help her recover from the trauma of seeing her family murdered by undead invaders (technically yesterday).

Harell asks them to take her to Avandra's Mists – that he can't travel with her by magical means, and that he would be too recognisable travelling with her on the road. She has family there with whom she will be safe, under the protection of the universities.

Ekemon secures travel to Madron-don via a wagon train, employed as guards. They make the first leg of the journey without affair, spending the night at a homestead tavern a days' travel inland from Jamestown.

The merchant and driver introduce themselves as Malcolm Cornwall and his driver Jayne. Malcolm has been trading the west side of the great continent for a good many years, and has had his share of close calls, but generally the road between Madron-don and the coastal cities is safe.

The Mysterious ways of Wizards
Jamestown - the next day

The party found themselves led to an old shoppe. The wisp entered , and they followed. Ekemon was some 100 ft behind, and watched from around the corner as the three others carefully crept into the building. No one was on the street but a handful of guards.

Inside, the wisp sunk into the floor, writing a message 'protect something dear to me' before disappearing. The shoppe was a dusty, unkempt clothing and apparel store, with a collapsed room at the back, with burnt out timbers.

Ekemon approached, and after a brief confusion about who he was (and whether or not he was a friend) he came in, studied the words, then said them aloud. Ekemon had done some investigation, and recognised much of the shoppe was an illusion.

The shoppe, previously dusty and unkempt, had part of its illusion lifted, the dust clearing away. The words on the ground changed to "Keep watch". The party soon realised that there was more illusion and protection to this room. Outside, time was passing at a great rate. They decided to wait out the rest of the day, watching over the room.

Come nightfall the Wizard, who identified himself as Harrell, sent a vision to them. He told them that in order for him to trust them , and for them to trust him better, he would send them on a brief mission to collect something for him.

He provided an instruction on the location of a cave to the south east of Jamestown. They were to go there and collect a chest. The wizard would aim to return by nightfall the next day, and meet with them.

The party set out an hour after first light, and trekked for hours in the sun, following Maritza's canny sense of direction. They came upon a burnt out wagon, and 4 corpses. The defiled corpses had had their skeletons removed. 

The party buried them and moved on. Less than an hour later they were attacked by some skeletons and a zombie, and Kobain was nearly bested. He was luckily healed by Ragus.

The party knew that the assumed caster was wounded nearby. They tried to take him Prisoner but he awoke and tries to curse them, so Maritza and Ragus killed him. On his person was a map of the cave they sought , albeit a terrible one, and a used scroll which Ekemon recognised as Mass Raise Dead. 

They pressed on into the cave where they happened upon a sleeping Bear. Maritza's swords cut deeply into it as it slept, and Ekemon finished it off with a ray of sickness. 

In the cave they found the treasure chest they sought. Now they need to try to return it.

Contact! The Living Dead
Jamestown - Festival day

The events unfolded thusly;

  • The players were at the Festival, when it was attacked by a large group of skeletons
  • All armed guards and some armed civilians went to fight the incursion – some of the players too.
  • Chris' Dwarf Ragus charged into battle with  the skeletons, killing two but also getting very injured
  • Bec's Elf Maritza gained a vantage point on a ledge and fired into the fray from afar, killing 1 skeleton
  • Dart's Half Elf Kobaine ran to the melee and cast Thunderwave, killing 3 of the 4 remaining skeletons
  • Nathan's Tiefling Ekemon watched from a hiding spot, surveying the scene, trying to make sense of the madness as it unfolded.

After the skeletons were slain, immediately more sprung into their place from further in the alley. Before the rag-tag militia of civilians and guards were overrun, a white wispy aparition came to the rescue, casting a wall of bale-fire on the skeletons – driving them back to oblivion.

The aparition took the shape of a wizard who did not introduce himself – instead addressing Kobaine. He asked Kobaine to follow his wisp, as he had a very important task – to track down the necromancer who had summoned these terrors. However he could not leave "something precious to him" undefended and put the task to Kobaine. The wizard looked plainly at the heroes each in turn, all in the square, then back to Kobaine before leaving.

His wisp slowly started up the street, a sweet melodious sound faintly jingling from it's glimmering light. Kobaine asked the brave dwarf Ragus to join him – and the elf ranger Maritza came too. Behind them, just out of sight, the wizard Ekemon followed as well as he could.

The party was awarded 65 XP Each.


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