• Daniel Custler

    Daniel Custler

    Madron-don’s captain of the guard
  • Harell Coben

    Harell Coben

    Harell is one of the ancient sages that are trying to revive the land. Harell meets the Party at the slaughter of the Jamestown Harvest Festival and recruits them on the spot to assist with his scheme to right the world.
  • Helena Maidstone (aka Jane Ruble)

    Helena Maidstone (aka Jane Ruble)

    She is the 13 year old human girl taken from Jamestown to Avandra’s Mists in the early quest line. Her family were all tragically killed in the fighting that broke out at the Harvest Festival when the graveyard was raised of its dead
  • Jayne Larken

    Jayne Larken

    Jayne is a wagon driver who works for Malcolm Cornwall
  • Malcolm Cornwall

    Malcolm Cornwall

    Malcolm is a minor noble, a trader from the Grunite Kingdom