Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

The Journey

Chronicle of the Great Continent

For some of you it's a crier. For others it's a heated, excited conversation overheard or involved with in the local tavern. Some have seen bulletins, posters, news articles or heard songs – there's something happening in Jamestown, Grunite Kingdom. Something great and wonderful. The story goes that they have had a successful harvest, the most successful in 10 score years or more. To celebrate, they're reviving the Grunite tradition of the Jamestown Harvest Festival.

You feel compelled to go – you pack your essentials, tag on to the nearest trader caravan, pilgrimage, or take the lonely road west. As far west as you can go.

The warmer months have come and the lands of the Grunite Kingdom are beautiful. Unlike the population here, or the government, the land has really recovered from the Great War. Long green grasses, rich and flowering, grow besides the roads and rivers. Trees, all but cut down to feed the war machine, have regrown in copses and are altogether starting to resemble the forests that this land was once famous for.

The Harvest day is quickly approaching, and Jamestown is just a day’s travel away. The travellers started off as just loose threads, winding in from all places, and have become streams, and have become throngs, and are becoming a congregation of people with one goal – arrive at Jamestown and witness the greatest occasion; history in the making. Bards will write new songs about this day, signifying new growth, recovery and rebirth, and such joy should be felt throughout the land.

You who come know that you will be taking part in history.


JoelMcLean JoelMcLean

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