Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

The Harkness Ball

Avandra's Mists - The Harkness Club

The party agree to go to the Harkness as an entourage, renting some fine clothes along the way.

Maritza and Hank standover a tailor to get free rental fine clothes made. Definitely a crime.

Kobaine stitches together a costume from various items to get by with a minor illusion at the ball. 

Ekemon rents some fine clothes from a Tailor that the party hadn't insulted or robbed.

They meet in the early evening at the Harkness club – it's grand ballroom and finery flabbergasting the party as they enter.

They split up, attempting to get information from the patrons of The Harkness.

Kobaine speaks with Mr Oldmans and Lady Louise but doesn't find out anything useful. Ekemon likewise finds little of use when speaking with Lord Palius and Lady Carmen.

Hank walks into the servants kitchen and bribes a servant for information – and whilst they aren't at first forthcoming, he eventually finds out that Oscar Maidestone has been framed – and everyone at the Harkness knows it.

Maritza dances on the ballroom floor – admittedly quite well. She is joined by another dancer, and after a brief dance off, they stop, and the man introduces himself as King James – Mr King James, the name not the title.

They talk for a while, but when Maritza presses him on the Maidestone case, he tells that the case will be concluding in 5 days at the courthouse. When she presses him about the conditions Maude and Oscar he became quite cagey, and whispered to Maritza something that she doesn't quite catch – but the end of it was "…get us both killed". Maritza convinces James to come and talk with her more privately.


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