Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

The first nights in Madron-don

Helena goes missing

The party, blinded by being back in a big city, split up to go about their errands; Rajis to visit a smith to repair his weapons and armor, Ekemon to study up on the sage Harrell, Maritza to capture herself a companion, and Kobaine to earn some coin at a tavern.

Their errands went well, but when they all settled down for the evening, no-one had laid eyes on Helena – moreover, none of them were staying in the same tavern, and were not aware that Helena was nowhere to be seen.

The next day Maritza went out to hunt for the whole day; catching some game to sell at market. Ekemon returned to a library where books were being burnt, recovering them with some trickery. Kobaine went out to buy some things and ran into Rajis. 

When they settled down to drink and talk, a stranger approached them – an Elf. He claimed to know of a shortcut that could get them closer to where they needed to be in a much shorter time than trekking overland; it would only be a little less perilous than scaling the mountains of the White Wall. When the stranger asked if Helena was with them, Ragus and Kobaine realised they had a problem.

They returned to the tavern where Malcolm and Jayne were staying at and asked if they had seen Helena – they had not. Whilst wondering what to do, Ekemon walked in, and the three of them set out to find out where she had been, starting with the Market.

After some investigation, they ascertained that she had been nabbed by a street gang near the wharfs – Morts gang. The three adventurers went down there and "negotiated" Helena's freedom through force. Freeing four other prisoners, they escaped over rooftops and found their way back to the Olive Branch where most of everyone is staying and settled down for the night.


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