Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

The Devil in the Detail

Avandra's Mists - Alleys outside The Harkness Club

Maritza and King James leaves the club and begin to walk down the alleys to discuss the Maidstone trial, and James reveals that he is the son of Magistrate Gareth James. Visitors – likely nobelmen and courtiers – have been visiting the Magistrate in his apartment late in the evening with generous bribes and discussion the case in whispers.

Kobaine sees them leave and follows them out. Hank and Ekemon realise half the party of missing go to investigate. Just as Kobaine is catching up with them, some creatures waiting above drop down on them to attack.

Hank and Ekemon race in to the rescue, Ekemon using Samedi to cast protection spells on Maritza. The attacking silhouettes drop on top of James and Maritza and immediately pummel them to the ground.

In a bloody fight, Kobaine and Hank tear in to the would-be assailants – Golems, made of flesh and bone – to pieces. 

Maritza rolls away, escaping with her life. Using some of Hank's javelins she pins a Golem and a magical creature on the roof to the ground.

The horrifying visage on the roof is throwing bolts of balefire, and hits Ekemon twice, before it is pinned to the ground. Hank deftly scales the building after dealing with the Golems and ends the devil's life.

The party takes a breath – and it is the stroke of midnight.


JoelMcLean JoelMcLean

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