Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Stranger Things and The Harkness

About town and Avandra's Mists

Ekemon meets up with his fence, alongside Kobaine, and trades the Devil's armor for 110 gold and some information about whom has done some trading of occult devil summoning things.

They have to meet Silver Mask at Club Harkness, and give the keyword "Last Week's Evening".

The party head to Harkness all dressed up, but get turned back at the door because the club would be at capacity – only Hank could enter. Ekemon tries to cast a spell, but instead garner the suspicion of the guard, so the party leaves.

Rajis and Helena leave and return with all the party's equipment and Hank breaks in by scaling to the roof.

Kobaine snuck in earlier by pretending to be the night's entertainment.

Maritza gets in on the arm of an influential gentleman, Lord Solendis.

Kobaine, on a break, opens up the side door and lets Helena, Rajis, and Ekemon in the side. 

Maritza finds King James, and they head to a quiet gallery and King James informs Maritza that his father has been up to some kind of embezzlement – taking bribes from many other lords which total over 15,000 gold pieces. He also found some encoded documents which he could only partly decipher – that there's something going on tomorrow.

Ekemon dons his mask and manages to find Silver Mask. After making some small talk, he brings up the code word and Silver Mask shoos away the other conversationalists before asking Ekemon to take a poison pill that will make him die in 3 days – his only antidote will be provided to him by the Captain of the Tornia, at the docks of Avandra's Mists – Captain Aleson.

Silver Mask will have a contact meet Ekemon at The olive branch and give him as much information about the moved goods – hoping that Ekemon will be acting in the interests of removing this trouble from Silver Mask.



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