Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Reunited at last

Midday at Edinbourne

Ekemon, Kobaine and Maritza awake to find that in the night someone (or some thing) has frozen the loch at the exit to the harbor. Ekemon tries to discern the nature of the ice, but can only find that it's not of naturally formed.

They cast about and after asking in the taverns for anything suspicious they head to the outskirts of town searching for something out of place. They stumble across an abandoned cottage which had the front door left open. Upon venturing in they found a casket of ice, encasing a humanoid.

Ekemon cast a spell to sense a creature's thoughts within the ice, and immediately got the sense of intense hatred vengeance directed at Maritza. He immediately casts attacking spells at the ice, and after a few moments of combat a ethereal creature emerged from the casket – leaving the shape of a body entombed within.

The spirit creature unleashed a terrible wail, and Kobaine and Maritza collapsed. Ekemon remained standing, and the creature turned to him and said in a terrible, saddened twisted Elvish "I just want to be with my lover!" and she returned to the casket with the other creature in the ice.

Ekemon waited with his comrades until they awoke and then left, headed back to town. Meanwhile they reached the bridge in town headed to the Tavern to rest and ran into Rajis and Helena who had caught a wagon back into town. 

As they caught up after seeing each other for the first time in a week, a commotion breaks out on the harbor dockside below…


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