Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Libraries, Offices, and a day of preparation

Avandra's Mists - About town

After the Devil, slain by the party, is mutilated by Hank, Maritza sets off with King James to return to The Olive Branch. 

Hank and Ekemon have a brief tiff about a cursed set of Armour that Ekemon pulled off the dead devil. Ekemon scorched him when Hank raised his hand against Ekemon – and told him to never touch him again. Kobaine found some Jet stones, in the eyes of the golems they fought.

They head back to the Olive Branch, and rest for the evening.

In the morning they discuss with King James the potential impact of the attack, and what is up with the whole Oscar Maidstone case that they've been "invited" to present witness at.

After some convincing King James agree to spy on his father – Magistrate Gareth James – and find out what he can about the case on the Morrow. They'll meet at The Harkness to discuss what he's able to find.

On King James' advice, they visit Madame Carmen Paladius who agrees to represent them at the court day tomorrow – she didn't recognise them from The Harkness the night before.

Ekemon scopes out a Fence to buy the Cursed Armour. Kobaine goes out to sell his Jet, and makes 25 gold. Maritza and Hank hang out at the bar and drink, while Ekemon goes to the library to discover what he can about the devil. He find a mysterious book, potentially recently checked out by the looks of the shelves. Ekemon pockets the book, and makes his way out of the library. 

The party reconvenes at the Olive Branch to meet first with Ekemon's fence, then later with King James at The Harkness.


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