Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Discussion in the University Jail House

The first morning in Avandra's Mist

After the arrest at Maude's apartment, the party were marched off to a drunk-tank cell. 

While they waited, they discussed a cover story for Helena, who instead would have an Alias of Jane Ruble, an apprentice hunter.

About 30 minutes pass before a Magistrate (Gareth) appears and begins to have conversations with the members of the party individually.

He speaks to each of them, to try and bring the truth about how they came to be at Maude Maidstone's presence.

Each of them in turn gave the story of how they had come to Avandra's Mists to deliver news to Mrs Maidstone about a recent death in her family.

Seemingly satisfied with the answers, the Magistrate asks them to check in at the courthouse in the coming days to attend the hearing of Mrs Maidstone.

The party walks to a nearby tavern and gets two rooms together, and they begin to plan how they'll spend their days in Avandra's Mists.


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