Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Den of Goblins - Part 2

one days travel west of Madron-don

The surviving mercenaries headed back in the direction of the village, and the party ventured back into the dark , and immediately noticed the bodies had been removed from the front hallway, and a hasty barricade effected – but was unmanned. 

They explored some more rooms and corridors, only finding booby traps laid for unsuspecting adventurers. Ragus was struck by an arrow, and Maritza's reflexes did not save her from a magic bolt.

They found the wolves den, and in a twisting labyrinth of corridors at the heart of the building they found the forge fire and a host of goblins and wolves. 

The goblins began to speak, but Maritza's fired a shot. The entrance to the room was closed as a portcullis fell, locking the party in, and the goblins fought hard, taking Maritza down and nearly bringing Kobain down also. Eventually the magics of Ekemon and the might of Ragus wore the remaining foes down.

Trapped in the room, they expended the volatile potion if Fire on the portcullis to escape. Once again outside, the party catches it's breath. 



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