Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Day in Court

Avandra's Mists - Courthouse

The party resumed at the Harkness, after Ekemon and Maritza found their contacts and what they needed to know.

Guards began filtering through the crowd to the Servant's kitchenette where Rajis and Helena were hiding out. Ekemon, Maritza and Kobaine meet up and con the guards and find their way into the kitchenette and block the door, then find Rajis and Helena, who are fighting off a few disarmed guards.

Maritza and Kobaine murder a few guards, and Ekemon leaves before he's culpable. The four of them leave after dispatching the guards, and head back to The Olive Branch. They wake in the morning to have found Rajis having left – feeling personally responsible for the deaths of the guards, he had handed himself in. 

Hank never found his way home.

That morning, Ekemon's contact, a skeezy elf, knocked on the door and recited who the buyer of all the daemonic items and other things. Casting a spell, he described a figure hooded and robed, but whom could have been none other than Magistrate Gareth.

The party headed to the court and attended as witnesses – the prosecution delivering a case and opening statement that seems water tight against Oscar Maidestone. However, the proceedings go far from quickly, with many Magistrates calling out the facts for additional fact checking – filibustering the time until the mid-day break. The only witnesses called with first hand evidence was a scholar from the university who knew of Oscar's magics and testified that he would have been capable of this. The other witness was an eyewitness who saw Oscar take restricted goods, books, and ingredients that are restricted that could have been reasonably used for the purposes described in the atrocity.

The group decides to go and collect some evidence – either Gareth's Ledger, or meet Oscar and get his story, or find some other crack in the prosecution's case.


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