Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent


Dusk at Madron-don

Ekemon investigated the scene where they defeated the scarecrow and discovered that it was built for one purpose – to spy on them.

Ekemon, Maritza, and Kobain were accosted by a group of guards, and after a brief melee they captured the guard leader and interrogated him. Kobain later "accidentally" suffocated him.

Meanwhile, Ragus attempted to flee to the temple of Tempus, but was interrupted by a group of guards and turned away. He and Helena are currently hidden in a harbour tower, trying to get past a guard patrol.

Unbeknownst to Ragus, his party members are just a few houses down, arguing over what they will do with the body of the guard Kobain just killed.


JoelMcLean t3hxman

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