Blistonia Conflict Chronicles - Great Continent

Avandra's Mists At Last

In the Sage's College

The party travel from Edinbourne with the Captain of the 'Heir of Seafoam' and they make the journey to the sea and up to Avandra's Mists in just shy of three days.

On the journey, Ekemon and Maritza are sea sick, and despite this Maritza tries unsuccessfully to teach Helena the panflute. Kobaine makes an idiot of himself by trying to show her up, but jams his lips on the flute.

They arrive at the Mist's waterfall and go to the courthouse to find Helena's remaining family.

After exploring the first location, and meeting with a young Professor Maidstone, they travel to the Sage's College and meet with a woman, Maude Maidstone, who recognises Helena, invites them into her apartment.

Ekemon feels that something is up, and asks for proof that Maude knows Aubrey. She produces an old letter, and Ekemon reads it – but believes that something is still amiss. Questioning Maude, the party discovers that Maude's children and husband are not around – and that the previously unforetold security at the college is due to an experiment or spell that went awry and ended up killing her children. Ekemon suspects the perpetrator was her husband who she confirmed was under federal arrest for Treason.

While the party is about to leave a knock at the door draws Maude away from them, and a soldier demands they all leave – and that they are under arrest.


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